Our Mission

The Neil Samuel Ghiso Foundation is dedicated to fostering compassionate care for chronically and terminally ill patients and their families through medical education and training.

We at the Foundation share Neil's belief that, in a society where medical institutions concentrate on the research imperative and the healthcare system focuses on maximizing throughput (and minimizing the amount of time doctors spend with patients), a fundamental element of medicine compassion has not received adequate emphasis. Compassionate care benefits not only patients, but also doctors by offering them the opportunity for greater meaning and personal growth in the practice of medicine. NSGF strives to augment and enhance the training and education that medical students and doctors receive regarding the delivery of compassionate medical care.

Our goal is modest. We hope that, by offering medical students greater exposure to compassionate care, we may influence the way that some of these future doctors interact with their future patients and train their future students. If we are able to impact only a few students each year, we will have made a difference.